DIY capillary watering

The same kind of 10-liter buckets that make up the potato container farm also make  nice capillary watering containers. Two buckets and a small terracotta pot are  all the materials that go into a capillary waterer. How to:

1. Fill the terracotta pot with potting soil.

2. Set the  pot in the middle of one of the buckets.

4. Cut a hole, a couple of centimeters smaller than the circumference of the terracotta pot, in the bottom of the other bucket.

5. Set the bucket into the other, resting on top of the terracotta pot, so the soil is directly under the hole.

6. Fill the top bucket with soil and plant in it.

7. Water around the plant.

8. Fill the water reservoir below the top bucket by watering between the two buckets.

The soil in the terracotta pot will act as a wick, drawing water up to the soil above as needed.

I use them for everything that goes in the greenhouse and thus only have to water once or twice a week, depending on the weather. The tomatoes look happy and fruiting. 🙂


One comment on “DIY capillary watering

  1. I’ve since added an overflow to the system, simply by drilling an 8 mm. hole in the side of the outer bucket, at the height of the the bottom of the inner bucket. That way I avoid any risk of overwatering.

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