Cycles, it’s about cycles

Aphids in enormous numbers found the lovage. Then the ladybugs found the aphids. Two days later both the aphids and the ladybugs were gone and the lovage went on with its business of ripening seed. How do these tiny insects find their feeding grounds in this enormous world? The whole ordeal never ceases to amaze me in all its simultaneous drama and simplicity.


Fruit of the day

‘Tis the season of bounty, there is fruit every day and fruit on the way, an extravagance of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors.

The blackberry challenge

We spent quite a few days clearing the new garden area of blackberry brambles this past winter, and were  eager to see how the edge plantings stood up against summer’s invasion of brambles. We planted rhubarb (rabarber), Jerusalem artichoke (jordskok) and Walking stick kale (Jersey kale, brassica oleracea var. longata) to keep the blackberries at bay. The kale turns out to be one of the deer’s favorite snacks, so it will definitely not reach walking stick height this year, nor hold the blackberry brambles back. The rhubarb and Jerusalem artichokes however, are working out nicely. They effectively shade out anything coming form outside the garden, leaving me to keep the ground elder (skvalderkål) under control on the garden side. And there are still plenty og blackberries within reach for us, the Garden Chafer (Gåsebille) and whoever else may like them.