Nordic Permaculture Festival 2012

It’s been three days since the festival ended, and it is still resonating in me. I have brought home a space of new inspiration and deep meaningfulness that’s very insistent on being put to practice. It wants to cultivate plants and mushrooms and microorganisms and the neighbourhood, it wants to pickle and can and ferment, it wants to provide a stay for birds and bees and WOOFers, and it wants to rejoice over it all. At this point you may be asking yourself: “What is she on???” Well, it’s a permaculture high. It comes from sharing knowledge and seeds and songs and food and decisive moments with people and getting rich soil on your hands  and keeping it simple. It can’t really be fully described, so go ahead and try this at home. 🙂 And come to Norway next year for the Nordic Permaculture Festival!

Ängsbacka, Sweden, 2012:


2 comments on “Nordic Permaculture Festival 2012

  1. Which reminds me of the movie When Harry Met Sally in that famous cut where Sally noisily simulates an orgasm while they’re at a café. And the middleaged middleclass woman at the next table says to the waiter: ‘What did that woman have? I want the same!’.
    The only difference is that you didn’t simulate 🙂
    Lovely to feel the permaculture energy. Thanks.

  2. Nice pictures! Greetings from central Portugal mountains sunny morning! You can visit my home village website here It was the second PC festival, with experience gained next will surely be even better. I would note that there were many workshops on different topics but did not noticed a focus on “design of strategic planning”, “long-term-proccess design”, “design for geo-bio-social-cultural-landscape”. I believe that we need a greater focus on this “design practice and methods”, which in part can be achieved by very interactive games, like playmobil, as bio-geo elements! Please use my email for reply. Keep the Good Work and see you in Portugal!

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