Permakultur Danmark  🙂 In danish

Nordisk Permakulturforum more   🙂 In scandinavian.

Permies    🙂

Permaculture Media Blog – Permaculture info. Film, videos, books, blogs and more

Der Kramneterhof – Sepp Holzers wonderful work

Agroforestry Research Trust – ART and Martin Crawfords work with forest gardens and other systems of cultivation in temperate regions.

Skogträdgårdens venner – Holma skovhave in Höör, Sverige. Info about varieties and guilds. In swedish.

Charles Dowding’s No Dig Gardening – living proof that yearly digging is unnecessary!

Instructables – share what you make – lots of inspiration and instructions!

Landshare – connecting land and growers. Networks established in Great Britain, Canada and Australia.


Arhus Universitet  and Refertil, EU’s research project on biochar. First we took the coal out of the ground, now it’s time to put it back.

International Biochar Initiative

MAKING BIOCHAR: with Peter Hirst of New England Biochar – Video demonstration of biochar production on a small scale.

Worm composting and vermiculture:

Red Worm Composting – hours of reading for enthusiasts…


Mushroom Mountain – cultivation, mycoremediation and othe nice ‘n shroomy stuff

Seeds and plants:

Foreningen Frøsamlerne – Danish Seed Savers – do not allow big corporations to controll seed!

Plants For A Future – database of many plants, their uses and characteristics.

Guerrilla – green non-violence

Energy and transition:

Post Carbon Institute – Peak Oil and then what?

Energy Bulletin – Peak Oil and what more?

Omstilling Danmark –  Network for transitioning from peak oil and peak everything. How to reestablish local connections that support sustainability and local resourcing.

Mother Earth News – Food, energy, transportation, construction… many examples and DIY instructions for the sustainable life  – and offer of subscription to the magazine. (USA)

Permaculture Magazine – Inspiration fro a sustainable lifestyle – and offer of subscription to the magazine. (GB)


Department og Geosciences Environmental Studies Laboratory – With an interactive map of the effects of rising ocean levels.

IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Data, reports and presentations on climate change.

In Denmark:


Klimatilpasning – Naturstyrelsens side om klimatilpasning, bl.a. med kort med fremskrivning af havvandsstigninger og grundvandsstigninger.

Fugle og natur – meget information og en god database af arter. Med billeder, observationer mm.

Danmarks Miljøportal – information om din lokalitet. Jordtyper, forurening og meget mere.


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