Chilies are home

The chilies are harvested. With these in the kitchen, I just feel like making chili dishes all the time: hot soups, orange & chili ice cream,  pimenta for the black beans, chili in wok dishes, chili meringue, chili marinades, chili bread…  🙂


Winter warmer chilies

This winter there will be plenty of warming dishes on the table! It will soon be time to harvest this first attempt at growing my own chilies, and I’m preeetty happy with the results. 🙂 Not only does the harvest make me happy, but just looking at all the shapes and colors releases endorphins… =D Eating chili is also said to release endorphins, so what a great way to make up for any winter blues! How hot chilies are, varies with the chili variety and growing conditions, the spice heat being measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The SHU are a measure of how much capsaicin – the hot substance – the chili contains. A bell pepper with no heat rates 0 and the strongest chilies rate around 2,000,000. Pepper spray, btw, is stronger than that.

Below are pictures of the chili varieties I am growing this year, and their estimated SHU.